GLEN FALLS HOUSE - Catskill Resort, Restaurant and Wedding Venue

Summer is here! And I’m dreaming of hiking and swimming in the Catskills! Living in central Connecticut, I’m a quick and pleasant drive from this special area and I visit often.

Last summer, I was invited up to photograph the recently revamped Glen Falls House Resort, specifically focusing on the new menu at their Trotwood Restaurant. It was so much fun. The food was beautifully presented and absolutely delicious (these guys were the best and had me taste everything I photographed), and I loved shooting with the fantastic window light in the dining room.

The Glen Falls House is located in Round Top, NY which is a quick ride over the bridge from the lively town of Hudson. Aside from the great restaurant, the resort features 42 rooms in multiple buildings, a pool, a tavern, fun events and musical happenings. And best of all, you can walk right on to multiple trails that feature some seriously breathtaking waterfall action.

These guys also host killer weddings, so book your spot and then call me up to photograph!

To learn more about the resort and it’s history, check out this feature on Upstater.

Happy Summering!